We understand the emotions that come with the loss of a pet. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime with questions or concerns. We are here to help you find peace and a sense of closure while providing genuine care for you and your pet.

We are closed to the public Feb 1-2. Even with 4x4, our driveway hills are impassible. They are a solid sheet of ice and backing up the hill out of our office drive may result in sliding over the edge and laying your vehicle on its side. Its not worth the risk. Call us and we will make a plan to help you.

: We define an individual cremation as a cremation in which YOUR pet's ashes, and only your pet's ashes, are returned to you. Ashes are never mixed with the ashes of other pets! The cremation itself is usually completed 3-7 days after we receive your pet. Most veterinary offices quote a time frame of 7-14 days. This is due to the fact that we only visit most participating vets once a week for pickups and deliveries.

A cremation urn is NOT included in the cost of cremation. Not everyone wants and urn, so we do not up charge our cremation price to include one. Instead, your pet's ashes will be placed in a white, non-decorative cardboard box with a poem. If you would like to purchase an urn, we do offer a large selection of pet urns and cremation jewelry in our
online store. Clients may also visit our office and showroom to view our sample urns and in-stock items. If you already have an urn (from us or a different source) we are happy to insert your pet's ashes at no additional cost.

The Hill Pet Crematory offers cremation services directly through several participating veterinarians in Cape Girardeau, Scott, Bollinger, Perry, Ste Genevieve, and Butler Counties.

The prices listed below are ONLY for those owner's who personally deliver their pet to our office at 6796 State Hwy C, Altenburg. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THE PRICE THE VET'S OFFICE QUOTES MAY NOT MATCH THE PRICE LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE! The cost of cremation billed by our office to each veterinary office varies based on location and distance traveled for pickups. Likewise, each participating veterinary office incurs their own expenses when providing our services.

These include:

1. properly labeling your pet with a cremation tag
2. completing all necessary paperwork as required by our facility
3. preserving your pet's body in cold storage until we arrive for pickup
4. handling payments for service (credit card fees and bookkeeping expenses)
5. contacting each pet owner for pickup after we return your ashes to their office
6. budgeting our cost for services which includes pickup fees based on office location. Participating vets outside of our local 20 mile radius have higher rates to accommodate the additional mileage and travel fees we charge to their office.

In addition, the cost of cremation does not include medical charges by your veterinarian, out-of-town or after hour home pick up charges, or charges for optional services such as clay paw prints, urns, or appointments for viewing.

When a pet dies at home, pet owners are welcome to drop off at The Hill Pet Crematory office (6796 State Hwy C, Altenburg, MO/Northern Cape Girardeau County) or request a home pick up. The chart below provides the cost of a private individual cremation should you transport your pet to us at our office. Because we do not have set office hours, we ask that you always call first to verify that someone is available to assist you. The office is near our home and we are generally available to help clients days, nights, weekends, and most holidays.

The chart below also provides a minimum fee for in-home pick up. This fee will increase for pickups outside of our 20 mile "local" radius and those who require additional care for prolonged exposure to the elements. We will always quote you a price when you call to request services.

Because we work as a husband and wife team and cover a large geographical area, we ask that you notify us immediately upon death to limit your wait time if requesting this service. Occasions do arise in which we are both unavailable, but rest assured we will do our best to pick up in just a few short hours.

* This chart is to be used only as a guide and NOT a GUARANTEE OF COST! Please read Understanding Costs and Participating Vets above.

Pet's ..



(This price is only for pet
owners who personally
deliver their pet to
The Hill

Pet Crematory, 6796 State
Hwy C, Altenburg MO,
directly. This is NOT the
price for pickup at your
veterinary office)

Pick Up

(In Addition
to the Drop
Off Price)



























Requests to Stay/Viewing Window +$50.00:
When we opened our pet crematory, we vowed to always be 100% open to the public. We want everyone to feel comfortable with the process of cremation. More importantly, we want to put clients at ease knowing we are trustworthy, honest people who genuinely care. You are always welcome to come out and meet us and take a tour of our facility. However, if you still don't feel comfortable leaving your pet with us, we do provide a small sitting area and viewing window into the crematory room where you can stay while your pet is being cremated. Because we are a husband and wife team serving approximately 20 veterinarian offices, requests to be present during cremation must be made several days in advance. We do not operate our machine daily, and the days we do operate, we do so on a strict schedule. We must adhere to this schedule to insure other pet owners receive the same care you desire. While we try to be extremely flexible and adjust our normal schedules to accommodate special requests, viewing appointments must be guaranteed with a credit card in the amount of $50.00. Appointments missed or rescheduled with less then 24 hours notice will not be refunded!

MASS CREMATION (No Ashes Returned):
A mass cremation means that your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber with other pets. With a mass cremation, ashes are NOT returned to the owner. Mass cremation is often chosen because it is economical, yet dignified.

Pet's Weight

Drop Off
Mass Price

Local Home
Pick Up
Mass Price