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Clay Paw Prints

Clay Paw Prints

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Many of our participating vets offer our clay paw prints with our cremation services. Others do their own paw prints (ink or clay) as a gift to their clients. However if one was not included, or if you would like multiply prints, you can order them here. Just remember, time is of the essence. YOU MUST CALL OR TEXT 1-888-573-0077 AND LEAVE US AN URGENT MESSAGE WITH YOUR SPECIFIC REQUEST. Simply placing an order here does not guarantee a paw print will be done. Obviously we must know about the request before your pet is cremated and some are cremated the day they are received.

We will not process your credit card until we are sure we can print your pet.

Important Notes: we can not make clay impressions of paws that have ink on them. If you or your vets office plan to make an ink print, we suggest only using one or two paws leaving the others available for clay impressions.

We will clean your pet's paw to the best of our ability and trim nails if needed to get a good impression. However, we may not be able to paw print pets who have been exposed to extreme conditions.

1 Clay Paw Print [Add $12.00]
2 Clay Paw Prints [Add $20.00]
3 Clay Paw Prints [Add $30.00]
4 Clay Paw Prints [Add $40.00]
5 Clay Paw Prints [Add $50.00]

Preferences & Special Instructions:
If you purchase more than one print, let us know how you would like them completed. For example, if you order more than one print, would you like 2 prints of the same foot or one print from the right front and one from the left front. We will always do our best to honor special requests.