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Maus Series

Maus Series Pet Cremation Urn | Granite Blue | Earth Brown

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$60.00 - $115.00
Keepsake $20.00
Optional Engraving Available

The Maus Earth Urn
features a speckled finish in black and brown.
The Maus Granite Urn features a speckled finish in black and gray-blue. These urns are crafted of brass with a highlighted bronze ring beneath the lid. The Maus Urns have a threaded lid.

Keepsake 0-5lb pet 2.8"H x 1.7"W
0-40lb pet 5.7"H x 3.9"W
0-70lb pet 6.9"H x 4.9"W
0-195lb pet 10.4"H x 6.1"W


Size Optons*:
0-5lb pet [Add $20.00]
0-40lb pet [Add $60.00]
0-70lb pet [Add $75.00]
0-130lb pet [Add $115.00]

Color Options*:
Granite Blue
Earth Brown


Please visit our Guide to Engraving to determine the amount of text and/or artwork your item will hold. Then type your text in the appropriate text boxes below. As you fill in the text boxes, the price of your item will increase by the amount shown.

CHECK YOUR SPELLING, CAPITALIZATION, AND PUNCTUATION FOR ERRORS. Except for size and font, your item will be engraved exactly as entered.

1st Line of Engraving Add $30.00:

2nd Line of Engraving Free:

3rd Line of Engraving Free:

4th Line of Engraving Free:


Font Options:


While space is limited, engravers may be able to add artwork to your urn. If you would like an optional artwork image, please place its corresponding number in the text box below. Then use the Special Instructions box below to provide us with instructions on engraving and artwork placement. Remember, engraved urns can NOT be returned.

​We recommend choosing only 1 image with placement above your text. However, if you choose a custom placement and would like a proof before engraving is done, our engravers have started charging an additional $30.00 for a custom proof. This charge will be added to your order once we confirm authorization from you by phone. We apologize for this newly added charge. It was not our decision.

1st Artwork Image Number +$10.00:


Use the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box above for specific requests regarding font size, text, and optional artwork (when available) placement. Please type as much as you want in this box. We are listening!! If you would like to see a proof of your engraving before it is completed, write "PROOF" in the box and leave us your cell phone number or email address and we will send you a picture proof to approve. **Some proofs come at an additional cost of $30.00. We will contact you if this is the case before we proceed. Regardless, if we have questions, we will contact you before engraving your item. We are here to help and we want to get it right!



Your pet was one of a kind, and with the help of our engraving team, your urn can be too.

Below are some general guidelines regarding the amount of text your urn will hold. It is important to understand that the more text you place on the urn, the smaller the text will be. However, we always try to enlarge the pet's name so that it stands out the most.

As shown in the photos, the brass and pewter urns are engraved with black text so that it shows up clearly on the urn. The slate urn is engraved in the urn's natural brass color.

Keepsake/ 0-5lb pet holds 3 lines of text, 21 characters per line (No Artwork)

0-40lb pet holds 4 lines of text, 40 characters per line
0-70lb pet holds 4 lines of text, 40 characters per line
0-195lb pet holds 4 lines of text, 40 characters per line
Artwork is limited to one design above the text. See below for options.

(We do not recommend All CAPS for Mission Script or Edwardian Script fonts)

Artwork Options
Our engravers offer several different options to add artwork to your urn. Size of the artwork will depend on the size of the urn.

Photo 1 (Samantha) Noto Serif Italic {Note that 3 lines are engraved larger than the 4 on the next photo}
Photo 2 (Samantha) Noto Serif Italic {4 lines are engraved smaller}
Photo 3 (Mario) Lucida font