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Keepsake Hearts

Keepsake Hearts Pet Cremation Urn | Slate | Raku | Pewter | Moonlight Blue | Crimson | Pearl

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Optional Engraving Available

Available in 10 colors/styles, these Keepsake Hearts are crafted of solid brass and feature one or more paw prints.

We call these hearts, Keepsakes, because they measure a small 2.9"H x 2.7"W x 1.6"D and hold only a few teaspoons of ash. They are rated for pets who weigh less than 5lbs. However, most purchase them when separating ashes for family members or when they wish to keep a small portion of ash and scatter the remainder.

These keepsake urns can be engraved, however space is limited. Each heart urn comes in a blue velvet box. The stand shown is included. This heart urn has a back opening that uses attaches with 2 screws (included).


Size Optons*:
Keepsake Heart (0-5lb pet) [Add $70.00]

Color Options*:
Classic Raku #2898H
Odyssey Raku #2889H (2 paws)
Classic Slate #2897H
Classic Pewter #2896H
Odyssey Pewter #2888H (2 paws)
Classic Brass #2895H
Odyssey Blue #2921H
Odyssey Crimson #2920H
Odyssey Pearl #2922H


Please visit our Guide to Engraving to determine the amount of text and/or artwork your item will hold. Then type your text in the appropriate text boxes below. As you fill in the text boxes, the price of your item will increase by the amount shown.

CHECK YOUR SPELLING, CAPITALIZATION, AND PUNCTUATION FOR ERRORS. Except for size and font, your item will be engraved exactly as entered.

1st Line of Engraving +$30.00:

2nd Line of Engraving Free:


Font Options:


Use the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box above for specific requests regarding font size, text, and optional artwork (when available) placement. Please type as much as you want in this box. We are listening!! If you would like to see a proof of your engraving before it is completed, write "PROOF" in the box and leave us your cell phone number or email address and we will send you a picture proof to approve. **Some proofs come at an additional cost of $30.00. We will contact you if this is the case before we proceed. Regardless, if we have questions, we will contact you before engraving your item. We are here to help and we want to get it right!



Your pet was one of a kind, and with the help of our engraving team, your urn can be too.

When you are entering your text, the spaces on our site will allow for 21 characters. However, your urn may hold less. Please make sure and refer to the guidelines below and count all spaces, punctuation and letters.

The Odyssey Slate #2887H which features one large paw print, can hold only 1 line of 21 characters.

The Odyssey Pewter # 2888H and Odyssey Raku #2889H which feature 2 paw prints can hold 2 lines of 10 characters each.

All of the hearts with one paw print in the upper left corner (7 hearts in total) can hold 2 lines of 16 characters each.

The pewter and brass urns have black engraving. This is done so that the text stands out on the urn. The raku and slate urns are engraved into the brass urn itself and will naturally yellow over time.

(We do NOT recommend All CAPS for Mission Script or Edwardian Script fonts)

Photo 1 (Angel) #2896H with Edwardian Script'
Photo 2 (Roxy) # 2888H with Lucida font
Photo 3 (Hemingway) #2887 with Mission Script
Photo 4 (Dottie) #2922 with Noto Serif Italic