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When choosing a pet casket for home burial or cemetery burial, it is important to consider many factors. In the past, many pet owners used homemade wooden caskets. Today, we understand that these wooden caskets offer little protection for the pet and often deteriorate quickly, leaving behind a sunken spot in the earth. We can offer clients an alternative; manufactured specifically for pets by Hoegh Industries since 1966, these caskets offer lasting protection. They also offer the advantage of delaying burial until weather conditions improve or family can be present. Choose from a simple and economical burial shell or a more lavish casket/vault combination with pad, pillow, lace, and hinged lid.

While we do carry the most popular sizes of our Standard Burial Shells in stock, we do not carry each size of our more lavish units. Therefore, we recommend pre-planning. Whether you plan on a cemetery burial or a home burial, making arrangements in advance will allow you to choose a casket at this year's price and be assured that it will be in stock when it is needed. Upon ordering, caskets may be delivered to your home or stored for you at no additional charge in our home office. It takes 3-4 days to receive a casket when ordered by noon Monday thru Friday.

These are examples of our in stock caskets/burial shells. They do not come with an interior. However, they do come with a sealant that makes them water tight. Depending on the size needed, the casket may or may not have the design on the lid as shown. The second photo to the right shows the shape and style of our largest burial shells. These caskets can not be shipped and they must be paid for in our office or over the phone (no website payments).

CASKET PRICES Features: Almond color, Non-Deteriorating Plastic, Air and water tight
20 115.00 20" Long x 8" Wide x 7.75" Tall
20st 125.00 20" Long x 11" Wide x 10.5" Tall
24 125.00 24" length x 12" width x 9" height
28 140.00 28" length x 11.5" width x 8.75" height
32 150.00 32" Long x 16" Wide x 11" Tall
40 160.00 40" length, 18" width, 12.5" height
52 special order