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Arielle Hearts

Arielle Hearts Pet Cremation Urns | Slate | Raku | Sky Blue | Night Sky | Ruby |

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The stands for these hearts are currently back-ordered. If you place an order, we will ship the stand separately as soon as it arrives!

The Arielle Heart Urns are crafted of solid brass with a secure plate closure on the back. Measuring 2.3" x 4.5" x 4.5", these urns are larger than the Classic Paw Print Urn Hearts and the Odyssey Heart Urns. The Arielle Heart Urns are recommended for pets who weigh up to 20lbs. We include a stand with each urn.

Please note that only the Slate and Raku Arielle Hearts have paw prints on the top left corner. We do not recommend adding any additional artwork to the Slate and Raku hearts. The Sky Blue, Night Sky and Ruby hearts do NOT have paw prints. We can add paw prints or any artwork you choose from our selection ($10.00). This optional artwork typically goes below the lines of text. However, we can ask for two paw prints to be placed in the upper corner similar to the Slate and Raku hearts.

*Raku is the ancient art of firing a finish in open flames. This results in a finish that is rich in rustic copper tones, blues, and greens which blend and swirl together, sometimes creating purple tones. No two Raku urns will ever be exactly the same. Likewise, we can NOT GUARANTEE what colors will be dominant on your urn. They are truly unique works of art. (Note that engraved urns can not be returned even if you decide you don't like the raku colors)


Size Optons*:
0-20lb pet [Add $90.00]

Color Options*:
Night Sky
Raku* with 2 bronze paw prints
Slate with 2 pewter paw prints
Sky Blue

1st Line of Engraving +$22.50:

2nd Line of Engraving +$5.50:

3rd Line of Engraving +$5.50:


Font Options:


While space is limited, our engravers can add artwork to most of our urns, above, below or beside your text. If you would like an optional artwork image, please place its corresponding number in the text box below. Then use the Special Instructions box below to provide us with instructions on engraving and artwork placement. We also recommend providing and email address so we can send you a proof of your design before we start engraving. Remember, engraved urns can NOT be returned.

1st Artwork Image Number +$10.00:


Use the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box above for specific requests regarding font size, text, and artwork placement. Please type as much as you want in this box. We are listening!! If you would like to see a proof of your engraving before it is completed, write "PROOF" in the box and leave us your cell phone number or email address and we will send you a picture proof to approve. (Proofs may delay shipping 1 or more days) Regardless, if we have questions, we will contact you before engraving your item. We are here to help and we want to get it right!



Your pet was one of a kind, and with the help of our engraving team, your urn can be too.

Below are some general guidelines regarding the amount of text your urn will hold. It is important to understand that the more text you place on the urn, the smaller the text will be. However, we always try to enlarge the pet's name so that it stands out the most.

These urns will hold 3 lines of engraving, 20 characters per line.

As shown, the pewter and bronze urns have black engraving. This is done so that the text stands out on the urn. The raku and slate urns are engraved in the brass and will naturally yellow over time. Please note that the engraved text on the pewter and slate urns will not match the color of the paw prints on the urn.

(We do NOT recommend All CAPS for Mission Script or Edwardian Script fonts)

(We do NOT recommend All CAPS for Mission Script or Edwardian Script fonts)


Our engravers offer several different options to add artwork to your urn. However, you must keep in mind, that in order to have room to place the artwork on your urn, you may have to reduce the amount of text to be engraved. Artwork can be placed above or below text or off to the left and/or right side of text. Size of the artwork will depend on the size of the urn.